Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free Download SPSS version 13 Full Version

SPSS version 13 is a software that can assist you in processing statistical data, the ability is very good and continue to be developed to be a companion data processing. With SPSS version 13 you can display an analysis of data, see the variation of data, testing various statistical tests, capable of displaying tables properly, making logic, and a lot of functions. SPSS version 13 super app affords you complete control over your data. It allows you to make complex graphs and illustrations from statistics and is firmly aimed at professionals who want to solve business and research problems. To facilitate this, SPSS version 13 features a wide range of analytical functions that take the pain out of collating data. Statistics in an analysis program has been progressing very rapidly, including SPSS version 13. Regarding the development in question is the existence of new facilities that include analyzing a more complete data. And apart from that background windowsnya program also makes the program easier to implement.From previous statistical program prior to this latest version, SPSS version 13 undergo much testing data, the analysis until the presentation of the results of the analysis, thus making version 13 is getting easier and complete.Various repair facility makes this version of SPSS 13 is among the more complete graphics facility more stable, clear and accurate. Regarding the graphic facilities which meant above is how to create a bar graph or beams and curves in order to get a very precise conclusions. The structure of this book is also the same as the others, only in every chapter there are examples and exercises that make us as readers can easily and understand it. For me the highlights of SPSS version 13 is the application of statistics in which the frequency analysis, descriptive analysis, crosstabs analysis, compare the mean analysis, correlation analysis, Kendall Tau correlation analysis, spearman correlation analysis, the classical assumption in ordinary least squares, regression analysis with a minimum of two variables free, all this can be applied into SPSS version 13 with ease. Continue, in this case, whether we have mastered for the statistical program SPSS version 13 ? First: We need to know about the basics of statistical science in advance, especially related to the analysis of a problem, Second: How do I read the results of statistical analysis that we use.

SPSS version 13 need to be socialized into various business fields to solve various problems, which in this case is useful to anticipate the computer technology gap. Business fields using SPSS version 13 is: Aftersales Service and Installation, Education (can program thesis / thesis), Hardware Trading, Publishing (advertising), Data Processing, Software Development and Internet Service. Please also note that the presentation of a book supporting the SPSS version 13 is: Economic Research Methodology (1993), Practical Training Views3.0 Econometrics Econometric Applications (2001), Application of Multivariate Analysis with SPSS program (2001), SPSS Statistical Parametric Exercise Book (2000) , Model Research and Processing with SPSS 10:01 (2002) and Nonparametric Statistics (Application Program SPSS) in the book supporting 2000.Dengan SPSS version 13, we expect to be a gain maximum results in a broad sense. In terms of analysis of the use of SPSS version 13 and the sense in understanding the science of statistics in general. Hopefully this can be an idea or discourse in the search for alternatives to solve problems in the fields of business or otherwise.

Download SPSS version 13 Full Version in HERE

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